Debunking Laser Hair Removal Myths: Setting the Record Straight

These days, people are becoming conscious of their outer presence. Consequently, laser treatment has gained huge popularity in removing body hair to boost self-esteem. 

According to Statista, around 65% of cosmetic procedure consumers will choose laser hair removal in 2023.

But a group of people has developed many misconceptions about laser hair removal treatment that need to be corrected. Read on to learn the common myths about lasers and the actual truth. 

Common Laser Hair Removal Myths among Men and Women and the Truth

At Donna Bella Laser based in Ashburn, we often get clients who think that laser treatment can remove their body hair permanently with one go. 

But this is just a myth! 

Here’s a list of common misconceptions that we often notice among men and women  about laser hair removal:

Saying Goodbye to Body Hair with one Laser Treatment

This is one of the common myths among people about removing body hair through lasers. But the truth is that body hair will eventually grow back as the hair follicles recover over time.

Generally, laser treatment aims to damage the follicles during the anagen phase when melanin levels are highest. But not all body hair remains in this stage, some may be dormant in catagen or telogen. 

Thus, laser treatment fails to damage the hair follicles of those hair.

Besides, the damaged follicles have stem cells that can regenerate hair over time if not completely destroyed. This is why multiple laser sessions 4-6 weeks apart are usually required and may need to continue for many months to years.

Additionally, hormonal imbalance can also trigger hair growth after laser treatment.

One Laser Treatment Means Hair-Free Skin

Many believe laser hair removal will instantly remove all hair after getting one treatment. 

However, hair reduction occurs gradually through a natural process. At the beginning of your laser treatment cycle, you may notice that the hair is growing quickly.

As you continue with the laser cycle, you will eventually notice a significant change in the growth rate and less hair appearance. 

So, to get a long-term result, you need to be committed and patient. Anti-aging treatments can enhance the smoothness of your skin.

Shaving Before Laser Treatment is Unnecessary

Many people believe that laser treatment actually works on the hair and gets rid of it from the skin. But in general, it works on the follicles through light energy and heat.

The light energy transports heat to the hair root penetrating the skin. Thus, having hair on the skin surface will become a hindrance as the heat will evaporate over the hair. 

Therefore, clients are asked to shave their body hair before using a laser for effective treatment. Some laser services offer pre-shaving treatment with an extra charge for convenience.

Laser is not for All Skin Tone and Hair Type

This misconception arises from the fact that every laser treatment is not safe for all skin tones and hair types. Depending on your skin tone and hair type, you may need a specific setting of light energy or advanced laser treatments.

Generally, the method relies on selective photothermolysis where lasers target melanin. For ideal outcomes, there must be sufficient contrast between hair and skin pigmentation for the laser to discriminate between the two. 

Those with lighter skin tones and darker, coarse hair absorb laser energy in the hair follicles efficiently without overexposing the surrounding skin. 

In contrast, individuals with darker skin are at higher risk of skin darkening or burning since their higher melanin levels may pull too much laser energy to the surface. 

Again, areas with coarser hairs, like the face, usually see better results than places like the legs with finer hairs that don’t absorb the laser wavelengths as strongly. Thus, expert consultation is a must before laser treatment.

Laser is Extremely Painful and Cause Discomfort

This is partially true, but lasers don’t cause extreme discomfort and pain. According to Healthline, you may feel a little uncomfortable, but it’s totally tolerable, depending on your perception sensitivity.

Besides, the skills of your laser technician are also important. The laser technician needs to know how to adjust settings and use proper techniques to minimise discomfort. 

Patients often perceive the feeling of laser pulses on the skin as a sharp snapping sensation, similar to the sting of an elastic band flicking against the skin. However, this discomfort is minor and localised to each targeted hair follicle.

Additionally, newer laser technologies boast advanced features like cooling systems that help further reduce pain during treatment.

To boost your relaxation and minimize discomfort, Donna Bella always ensures that professional hands are skilled and offers a cooling system after treatment.

Laser Treatments Are Fancy and Expensive

If you compare the cost of a laser with a razor or a pack of waxing beans, then laser treatments will surely look expensive. But if you compare the overall price of the other methods with laser, you will find the difference. 

For example, waxing needs more frequent usage than laser, which can irritate skin as you need several layers to remove hair. As a result, you need to spend more on additional products to calm the skin and deal with bumps.

The same goes for shaving methods more prone to bumps and ingrown hairs. However, unlike other methods, you don’t have to use the laser twice a month. 

Also, the need for frequent laser sessions will decrease over time. The care is minimal, limited to moisturizer, sunscreen, a good exfoliator, and a good hydration level. 

If you have a habit of alcohol, it can cause your body’s skin to lose fluid. To prevent this issue, you can go for an alcohol detox.


How many treatments will I need?

Most patients require at least 6 sessions to achieve the desired result of hair reduction of 60-90%. Everyone responds differently to lasers, so it’s tricky to answer.

How soon will I see results?

Significant hair thinning may be seen after 3 treatments, but full effect takes the full recommended course, often 6 to 8 treatments over a year.

Is laser hair removal safe? What are the side effects?

When done properly by a licensed professional, laser hair removal is very safe with minimal risks like redness or swelling. Permanent side effects are highly unusual.

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